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Kali the Destroyer


Myth ~ INDIA (Hindu) ~ Also called Kalika, Kottavei, Kalikamata ("Black Earth-Mother"), Rajani (Sanskrit: "Night"), and Kalaratri ("Black Night"), her name translates to "The Black One." She is married to the god, Shiva. She is the Mother Goddess, yet at the same time she is a symbol of destruction and dissolution. "She destroys ignorance, maintains the world order, and blesses and frees those who strive for the knowledge of God (qtd. Encyclopedia Mythica: Kali)." She is depicted with four arms, menacing eyes, bared teeth, and an obtruding tongue. Her face is black and is smeared with blood. She wears a necklace of severed human heads and a belt of dismembered arms or hands. "In her upper left hand she wields a bloody sword and in her lower left hand she holds the severed head of a demon. With her upper right hand she makes the gesture of fearlessness, while the lower right hand confers benefits (Encyclopedia Mythica)." Kali killed the demon Raktavija by piercing him with a spear holding him in the air. She drank his blood before it could reach the ground, because each time a drop of his blood hit the ground, 1000 more demons like him were produced. Thugs (assassins in India) offered their victims as ritual offerings to her. She is sometimes associated with Nirriti (See Nirty) and the goddess Durga.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ Along with Baal, Bastet, Morrígan, Olokun, Svarog, and Yu, Kali the Destroyer is one of the seven System Lords meeting at the neutral zone of the Hassara System. She is at odds with Olokun. Osiris was a surprise guest at the summit. In the past, she and Bastet made an alliance against Sobek (515 – Summit). She votes to reinstate Anubis into the System Lords (516 – Last Stand).

The Abydosians


Religion ~ ISLAM ~ Also spelled Kalimah, it is a main mantra of the Muslim faith. To recite the words and to fully believe them is to be a Muslim. The Kalima is "La Ilaha Illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah." This translates to: "There is no god but God: Muhammad is the Prophet of God." Learn More: There is no God but Allah - why? Its philosophy explored.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ Kasuf takes the women and children to the Caves of Kalima located somewhere on Abydos to try to keep them safe from Anubis’ attack (622 – Full Circle).

Apophis Dying


History ~ ANCIENT EGYPT ~ In ancient times, it was called Ipet-isut, "The Most Select of Places". The main deity worshiped there was Amun. It is the biggest and best-preserved temple complex. To give you an idea of the size, it is bigger than the Vatican. Karnak is located in the ancient capitol of Egypt, Thebes (modern day Deir el-Bahri). Go here to see some pictures: Karnak Temple, and to learn more visit: Encyclopedia of the Orient: Thebes and Encyclopedia of the Orient: Luxor.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ Apophis’ host-body was a priest at the Temple of Amun at Karnak (218 – Serpent’s Song).



Myth ~ ANCIENT EGYPT ~ (Translation: "Soul Peace") He was a "middle management" administrator in the Fourth Dynasty (Old Kingdom). His title was Royal Libationer. He also held the title of "Priest of Khufu" (Pharaoh Khufu commissioned the Great Pyramid at Giza). He was married to Hetepheres. See a statue of Katep: British Museum: Limestone statue of Katep and Hetepheres.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ Katep and his brother, Salatis, lived during Ra’s reign on Earth. They traveled to Giza to make an offering to Ra. Salatis was killed with a staff weapon when Ra was displeased with their offering of trinkets. He let SG-1 stay with them the night before they went to see Ra. He learns English from SG-1 after his brother is killed and helps plan and execute the uprising against Ra. (Alessandro Juliani, who portrays Katep, was also Eliam in Scorched Earth (ep. 409). He was also in MacGyver playing Julio in The Madonna (ep. 511). He’s also Lt. Felix Gaeta in BSG.) (819/820 – Moebius).

Triumphant Teal’c


Myth ~ ANCIENT EGYPT ~ Also called Kuk or Keku, Kek translates as "Darkness." With is wife, Keket (Kauket), he is a member of the Ogdoad ("Eight") of Hermopolis (Khemnu; Capital of the Fifteenth Nome of Upper Egypt). According to the priests of Hermopolis, chaos existed at the beginning of time before the world was created. Chaos possessed four characteristics, which was represented by the four pairs of deities of the Ogdoad: Nun and Naunet (Primordial Water), Heh and Hehet (Infinite Space), Kek and Keket (Darkness), and Amun and Amunet. They form the basis of the creation myth and were personifications of these forces rather than actual earthly deities. The Ogdoad rose out of chaos and created the primeval mound at Hermopolis, which is where the Sun God (Atum-Ra) hatched from an egg. The Sun God then organized the world. The Gods of the Ogdoad were represented as frogs or men with the frog-heads; the Goddesses were represented as snakes or as women with snake-heads. Kek and Keket were the Personification of the Primeval Darkness and Chaos of the Absence of Light. He was also the God of Obscurity that was hidden in the darkness. As deities of darkness, Kek and Keket were also deities of Twilight. Kek had a title of "Bringer-In of the Light," in that he was the twilight from which light was created (dawn). Keket was much more obscure. Her title was "Bringer-In of the Night," in that she was the twilight from which light was destroyed (sunset). Their cult centered on the town of Khemnu (Greek Hermopolis) in Middle Egypt. They also had a sanctuary at Medinet Habu in western Thebes. Kek was compared to the Greek Erebus. Learn More: Kek and Kauket, Deities of Darkness, Obscurity and Night and Ancient Egypt: the Mythology - the Ogdoad of Hermopolis.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ Kek is a Goa’uld word that means "Weakness/Death." The Jaffa believe that once one is weak that they are dead (See also: Orpheus) (704 – Orpheus).

The Continent of Kelowna


Geography/History ~ CANADA ~ Located in British Columbia (See Vancouver), Kelowna is one of the top tourist destinations in the area and is referred to as the "Hawaii of Canada" or the "Florida of the North." Situated on the east shore of Okanagan Lake, it is the largest city in the Okanagan Valley. The area was first visited by the fur trappers in the 1700’s. The name "Kelowna" is the Interior Salish (see Xe’ls) word for "Grizzly Bear." Although the Salish knew of grizzly bears, they are not common in the area. It is thought that the name came into being because early European settlers lived in underground, cave-like homes. In 1858, an Oblate priest, Father Pandosy, established the nearby mission at the banks of L’Anse au Sable (Mission Creek), and in 1905, it was incorporated as a city. Kelowna is also the home of Ogopogo, a creature similar to the Loch Ness Monster. Learn more at: City of Kelowna and Ogopogo - the Legendary Lake Monster.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ Kelowna is one of three warring continent nations on the planet designated as P2S-4C3 (Terrania and the Andari Federation are the other two). The Kelownans control the planet’s Stargate. Kelowna is in the process of an industrial revolution and is on par with the technology of 1940s era United States. They are currently doing experiments on Naquadria (see Naquadah) (although there is archaeological evidence that a Goa’uld was doing similar experiments which almost destroyed the planet). Their goal is to create a bomb to devastate Terrania and the Andari Federation. It is during this testing in which Daniel is exposed to a lethal dose of radiation (See Oma Desala). First Minister Velis is the leader and Jonas Quinn is a native (521 – Meridian). P2S-4C3 has been at war for generations, with the last major conflict 20 years ago. However, there was no resolution. The continent of Terrania and the Andari Federation have signed a non-aggression pact. The government of Kelowna believes preemptive first strike with a Naquadria bomb is their only course of action. Since SG-1 left, they have not been able to contact the Kelownan government, and a war may have broke out (607 – Shadow Play). Thousands of years ago, the Kelownans were taken from Earth to be slaves of the Goa’uld. In this time they have been isolated from the rest of the human population, and genetic evolution has taken place, resulting in them being closer to becoming Hok’tars (616 – Metamorphosis). The three nations on the planet have united and named the planet Langara, which is a word that has roots in their common ancient dialect and a symbol of their new unity (714 – Fallout).

The image of Martin’s ship


History/Astronomy ~ GERMANY ~ Johannes Kepler (b. Dec. 27, 1571 -- d. Nov. 15, 1630) discovered three "laws of planetary motion." The laws he discovered were (1) the planets move in elliptical orbits around the sun, (2) the area law ("the time necessary to traverse any arc of a planetary orbit is proportional to the area of the sector between the central body and that arc"), and (3) the harmonic law ("there is an exact relationship between the squares of the planets’ periodic times and the cubes of the radii of their orbits"). His discoveries cemented Copernicus’ ideas of the Heliocentric (sun centered) System (qtd. Britannica). Learn More at: APOD: September 13, 1997 - Kepler Discovers How Planets Move.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ The Kepler Space Probe detected Martin’s ship as it passed by Mars and took pictures of it around 2:30 am. It was originally thought to be an asteroid, but further analysis proved it to be a ship. The data from the probe was sent to the SGC (512 – Wormhole X-treme!).

Keras Saved!


Myth ~ ANCIENT GREECE ~ Keras is Greek for "Horn." Another name for the Fates was Keras (also Keres; Latin: Moiræ, Fata). They were singularly known as "Ker." There are two versions of their parentage. As the daughters of Nyx and Erebus, they are spirits of death and avenging spirits. They were depicted with black wings and were thought to bring men hard toil and sicknesses. However, as the daughters of Zeus and Themis (Oracle; Personification of Divine Order/Law), they were slightly less malevolent. They were weavers of life, who spun the length of one’s life thread. They were depicted as both maidens and as ugly hags. Learn More: Moerae (Fates), Greek Mythology Link and Encyclopedia Mythica: Keres. (On a couple of side notes, a Kerastes is a horned serpent. In the writings of Pliny, the term Keratias was used to denote a comet resembling a horn. Also, after the collapse of the Mycenaean civilization (See Linear A), the Dorians entered the Peloponnese. They brought with them a ram god, Karnos, who was later equated to Zeus-Ammon.)
The Show (Stargate Atlåntis) ~ He is a native of the Planet M7G-677. As the eldest, it is Keras’ fate to die on the eve of his 25th birthday, because they believe the Wraith feed only on "full-growns." He tells Sheppard that the last Wraith attack was 500 years ago. The SGA Team tells him of the electromagnetic device and that it is what is keeping the Wraith away, not the sacrifices (although the sacrifices were started to keep the population down, so they would not exceed the boundaries of the EM field). He believes them, despite Ares’ opposition. He is accidentally shot in his attempt to get the SGA team to leave. In spite of this, he recovers to celebrate his 25th birthday. Pelias and Neleus are his fellow villagers (106 – Childhood’s End).

Amonet/Sha-re The Temple on Kheb


Myth ~ ANCIENT EGYPT ~ When Seth poisoned Horus, Isis hid her ailing son (Horus) in the swamp and "hidden places" of Khebet. She asked Ra to help her. Ra then made the sun stand still and threatened to let one part of the Earth burn. Seth then reluctantly cured Horus. For more read the book: The Gods of the Egyptians by: Sir E. A. Wallis Budge. Keb was also a variant spelling on the name of the Earth-God, Geb (another variant is "Seb"). He is the son of Shu and Tefnut. He and his sister/wife, Nut, were the parents of Osiris, Isis, Seth, and Nephthys. His sacred animal was the goose and he was depicted as a man with either green (the color of living things) or black (the color of the fertile mud from the flooded Nile River) skin. Geb was believed to imprison evil souls, so they could not go to heaven.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ The planet that Amonet/Sha-re sends her child (the Harsiesis) with her most loyal hand servant. Daniel says that it is a place from Egyptian myth where Osiris hid from Seth (310 – Forever In A Day). Kheb is an untouched wilderness with a single temple in a valley distant from the gate. The System Lords feared it and made it forbidden for anyone to speak about it. It was discovered by a small group of Jaffa who kept it a secret from the Goa’uld (320 – Maternal Instinct).

Double-Agent Khonsu


Myth ~ ANCIENT EGYPT ~ Also called Khons, Khensu, or Chons; he is the son of Amun and Mut (Vulture Goddess of the Sky and Nature) in the Theban Triad. However, in the Late Kingdom he is often referred to as the child of Sobek and Hathor. Khonsu was the God of the Crescent Moon. He was depicted as a child wearing a side-lock (where the head is shaved completely except for a braided (or plain) tuft of hair on one side of the head). His body is wrapped like a mummy and a lunar disk crowns him. He is closely associated with Thoth.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ Lord Khonsu of Amon Shek (a Tok-ra operative) was posing as a low ranking Goa’uld. He was outed as a Tok-ra and killed by Her’ak his own First Prime (possibly a result of his red-shirt). Before he died, he had been collecting information on where and how Anubis is getting his new technology (608 – The Other Guys).

A Kino


Language ~ RUSSIAN ~ (Russian: Кино, often written uppercase, КИНО) It means "cinema." It was named after the 1920's Russian series of newsreels Kino-Pravda ("Film Truth").
The Show (Stargate Universe) ~ The Destiny is populated by flying, remote controlled, softball-sized orb cameras. If the remote control transmission is interrupted, the Kino can operate independently. Eli names them after the Russian newsreels. Kinos are capable of measuring atmospheric composition, barometric pressure, gravity, temperature, as well as video recording (102-103 – Air).

In Soviet Russia, you don't pilot space ship...space ship pilot you.


History ~ RUSSIA ~ (Pronounced: Kahrahl'Yohv in Russian) (1907 - 1966) Sergey Pavlovich Korolyov (also Sergei Korolev) was the USSR's chief rocket engineer during the Space Race. He was originally an aircraft designer, and later a rocket designer. He helped develop the intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) program. At the Jet Propulsion Research Institute (RNII), he and his team developed an automated gyroscope system to stabilize flight. Because he had been spending money on developing liquid-rocket powered aircraft rather than solid rockets, he was arrested under the charge of subversion during the Great Purge. He was beaten into "confessing" and was sentenced to ten years at the Kolyma Gulag (labor camp) in Siberia. During his five months there, he broke his jaw, lost all of his teeth, and developed a heart condition. His case was reopened, but not before he got scurvy and almost died. He was sent to a sharashka (informal name for secret research labs in the Gulag system) for eight years and was released in 1944. In 1953, he proposed the use of the R-7 Semyorka ICBM to launch satellites into orbit, and sending a dog into space. When the US started to talk of launching satellites in 1957, Korolev finally won support and Sputnik was developed in less than a month. A month later, Sputnik 2 (designed in four weeks) was launched with its dog pilot, Laika ("Barker"). After Sputnik 3 failed, his next project was to reach the Moon. After several failed attempts, Luna 2 collided with the Moon and Luna 3 was the first to photograph its far side. In 1958, he started planning manned orbits and succeeded, after numerous tests, in 1961. He was also planning missions to Mars and Venus, plus safely landing a man on the Moon. He worked on the Vostok flights and the Soyuz. He was responsible for the first woman in space, Valentina Tereshkova, on Vostok 6. He died from a combination of work-related stress and conditions he developed in the Gulag. In order to protect him from foreign agents, no one knew of his work until after his death. He is buried in the Kremlin Wall with full honors. Learn More: Korolev, Mastermind of the Soviet Space Program, Spaceflight: Sergei P. Korolev, Memorial to Laika, and Muttnik.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ A Deep Space Carrier class Earth ship; it is a second-generation human/alien-hybrid spacecraft capable of interstellar travel, similar to the Daedalus and the Odyssey. It was given to Russia in exchange for keeping the Stargate under the Air Force command. In the battle against the Ori at P3Y-229, it was critically damaged and possibly destroyed. Colonel Chekov is its commander (920 -- Camelot).

Kvasir: Just add lederhosen


Myth ~ ANCIENT NORSE ~ (From Indo-European root, kwath- "to ferment, to be sour" Russian: kvas, a drink similar to strong beer) He appears only in the Heimskringla and the Edda, both by Snorri. He is the God of Knowledge and Inspiration and a member of the Vanir (along with Freya and Freyr) although, he was sent to be a member of the Aesir in the truce between the two groups. He was said to be the wisest of the Vanir. He was born when all the Gods spit into a vase. He was killed by Fjalar and Galar. The two brother-dwarves murdered him and mixed his blood with honey. The mixture fermented into mead and they stored it in two jars (called Son and Boðn) and a cauldron (called Oðrerir) (These vessels also, according to Snorri, feed the roots of Yggdrasil, the World Tree). It became the Mead of Poetry and has the power to make people poets or scholars. Odin heard about the mead and found where the brothers were hiding it. He tricked the guardian of the mead and drank all of it.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ A member of the Asgard race and an expert in time-dilation technology, he brought a time dilation device to the SGC. He suggests that SG-1 use the device to close the black hole that was once the planet Kallana. The black hole was causing a rift between 65 different realities. He also loans the SGC an energy weapon, which they use to send the alternate teams back to their own realities (913 -- Ripple Effect). Due to their incurable degeneration disease, he dies in the mass suicide of the Asgard explosion of Orilla (1020 –- Unending).



Myth ~ ANCIENT GREECE ~ (Translation: "Woman of Kynthos") (Also Cynthia) Kynthia is the title of Artemis, the twin-sister of Apollo and the daughter of Zeus (King of the Olympians) and Leto (a Titianess; See Latona). She has this title because she was born on Mt. Kynthos on the island of Delos. She is the Goddess of the Hunt and protects baby children and animals. She was also the youngest of the Moon Goddesses (Phoebe and Selene were the other two). She was also associated with Hecate, the Goddess of the Dark Moon (New Moon). Her symbol is a silver bow and arrows. The Romans called her Diana.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ Kynthia is a native of Argos who chooses Col. O’Neill to be her husband. She unwittingly infects O’Neill with Pellops’ nano-virus. This nano-virus causes the human body to age rapidly, making the Argive life span 100 days (108 – Brief Candle).



Language ~ PORTUGUESE/ITALIAN ~ The name "Kytano" is related to the Portuguese name "Caetano," which is derived from the Italian name "Gaetano," which is from the Roman name "Caietanus." Caietanus means, "From Caieta." Caieta was a town in ancient Italy and is now called Gaeta. This city’s name either derives from Kaiadas (A Greek location where prisoners were executed) or from Caieta (Aeneas’ nurse).
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ Kytano is a warrior who kills Imhotep, a minor Goa’uld. He is the leader the Jaffa uprising which consists of Jaffa from many different System Lords. He tells the Jaffa that if they die in battle, their souls will automatically go to Kheb. He teaches the rebels a style of fighting called Mastaba and the philosophy of victory or death. He also leads a mission to raid one of Nirty’s supply ships. Yu thwarts his plans by telling him that that the mother ship Kytano is waiting for is coming to destroy them instead of aiding the Rebel cause. Yu also tells Teal’c the truth about Imhotep. Kytano is deceased (518 – The Warrior).

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